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5th Annual Home for the Holidays

We are excited to announce our FIFTH Annual Home for the Holidays Adoption Event!

December is cold, dark, and long in South Dakota. The horses are pretty much just eating and staying warm all over our state. No one is thinking about bringing a new horse home, right? WRONG!

For the past four years we've offered an adoption special to match up some great horses with great homes. We have averaged six horses adopted every year - making the impossible, possible.

These nine horses have been with us for two years now. It is far past time for them to find a home - to be with their own family. And what better time than the holidays, when we are all focusing on family and home?

From now until January 31 the adoption fees for these nine horses have been reduced to $400. These nine are all between 2-4 (3-5 as of January 1) and all have had extensive ground work done and are ready to start under saddle this spring.

From left to right:

Angelica, 2 year old filly
Leilani, 2 year old filly
Eliana, 3 year old filly
Eliza, 2 year old filly
Orion, 2 year old gelding
Connie, 4 year old filly
Gemini, 2 year old filly
Peggy, 3 year old filly
Luna, 3 year old filly

Interested? Start Here: http://gentlespirithorses.org/horses/available