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Peggy $1250

14.2 hh

Peggy is a stunning mustang mare who has been with us since she was just a yearling. She's a pro at groundwork, easy to handle, good for farrier, and as of September 1, 2021, about to be started under saddle. She's a beautiful girl ready to go about any direction you want to take her!

Peggy is a quiet horse in pasture who makes strong friendships with just a few horses. She is a stable, solid horse but she feels things very strongly. She has grieved lost friends longer than others, but even though she forms strong friendships she is not herd bound and will willingly leave her friends to work. She enjoys spending time with humans and is willing and engaged during training.

Peggy could excel in just about any discipline. She'd make a lovely pony hunter, pony dressage or western dressage, or could do barrels or gaming. She has the endurance and patience for endurance and would love to be a trail horse. She's never been exposed to cows - other than being pastured next to them - but she's very protective in pasture and would probably enjoy chasing cows. She is not the biggest fan of dogs but hasn't done much more than chase them out of pasture or warn them not to get too close.

Peggy is from the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros, and came to GSH in November of 2016 during a crisis at ISPMB involving county impoundment and seizure, overcrowding and lack of resources.