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Angelica $500

14 hh

Angelica or "Jelli" has grown into an absolutely STUNNING horse! She likes people, is very friendly and willing, and has all the potential in the world.. This girl is super friendly, loves to be brushed by volunteers and has had a summer of ground work on her now.

 She has been working with a teen trainer, Justice, and has worked on catching, leading quietly, yielding hind quarters and front end, back up on the ground, load into a trailer without hesitation, tie patiently, accept fly spray, pick up all four feet and start on lunging. Basically all the starting blocks needed to get her ready for an easy introduction to a saddle next summer when she turns three! Angelica can be a bit strong willed and will need someone who will be in charge. 

Out of all the younger mustangs she has the mane to beat and is typically braided to keep it from tangling in the south Dakota wind. She would love a home of her own with people who want to be her friend and eventually train her to be an amazing equine partner when she's old enough. Are you her person?

Angelica is from the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros, and came to GSH in November of 2016 during a crisis at ISPMB involving county impoundment and seizure, overcrowding and lack of resources.