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September Adoption Special: Eliana & Vanessa

For the month of September, adopt two horses and pay one adoption fee (the higher fee if one horse has a higher adoption fee). For mother/daughter Vanessa and Eliana, who could not only be a great riding team but could even be a great driving team if trained, that means $550 and an adoption contract will take them both home.


Eliana and Vanessa came from the ISPMB neglect seizure. With over 900 horses to find homes for, and one of the very first groups to go in and help, we focused on younger horses as much as we could, with hopes they would be able to be rehabbed and rehomed. Eliana, who was just a long yearling at the time, along with Stella, a weanling, definitely fit the bill. But Vanessa, who was about 10, did not. However, she was very protective, loving, and attached to Eliana and Stella, and we couldn't bear to separate them, so Vanessa came along. We suspect she is the dam of at least Eliana.

Eliana, with the frost bit ears, is now 3 years old. As she's matured, she looks more and more like her mother, Vanessa. Both girls are in training with us this fall, and both have been introduced to a saddle. Eliana, being so young, is obviously much friendlier and easier to work with, but Vanessa is kind and smart, just a bit more aloof and slow to get to know. She's a hidden gem though - once she's bonded to a person she's going to give her heart and soul to making that person happy.

Email if you are interested, and keep an eye on our available horses page - (we're working on the issues some people are having!)