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Unpacking the Saddlebox with Mariah!

SaddleBox is a "Monthly gift of happiness for your horse". It's a subscription based service that sends a box of horse-related items every month. Adoptable horse Mariah was happy to assist because this month included no-sugar treats - and since she is insulin resistant she can't have most treats so these are exciting for her!

We were super excited to receive this month's SaddleBox to review. Even more excited when we opened it to see the very brand of treats that Mariah, who is insulin resistant, is allowed to eat! So of course, she got to help us share the box with you.

SaddleBox is a monthly subscription service of horse-related items, and it's just another fun thing to do with your horse. This month's box included the Buckeye All Natural Horse Treats, which Mariah loves, as well as a really unique shaped curry called Epona Lucky Horseshoe Groomer. We really liked how the shape fit our hand. The red bandana is a good color for Mariah, and the full size bar of glycerin saddle soap will last forever - and they even included a cleaning sponge! Spring tends to see us cleaning all tack so this is going to come in handy. The box finished off with a lovely human soap and a peppermint stick, which unfortunately Mariah can't have, but the humans or other horses will enjoy.

All in all, we were pleasantly surprised with the items in the box and think it's a good value, plus it's a fun item to get every month. Bug Club parents, So You Think You Can Train parents, and honestly, anyone who likes horses - this would be a fun gift for your horse loving child ... or yourself!

Interested in subscribing? Check them out at Saddlebox.net to subscribe!

PS - Mariah is a beautiful registered Morgan mare who is available for adoption, but has two pending adoptions at this moment. Things change, so keep an eye on her! She is a lovely, lovely mare.