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Mariah (Little Miss Misdemeanor) $825

14 hh

Mariah is a well loved, well trained Morgan mare. She is insulin resistant so will need to be on a dry lot with only grass hay. She gets laminitic with alfalfa, pasture grass, or grains. Though she's currently barefoot but our farrier believes she would benefit greatly from Natural Balance shoes.

Mariah has spent her entire life with one family in the Black Hills of South Dakota. She is a super solid trail horse, with very little bothering her on the trails. She has been exposed to all sorts of wildlife, water crossing and bridges, culverts, and all kinds of trail experiences. She trailers well, enjoys people, and is easy to handle. She has solid preferences about people she likes, but handled a new environment and new people well. The only thing we've found that could be improved is some desensitization around her hind area, however she was in a brand new environment, with new people, after trailering across the entire state when we were evaluating her, so that could just have been some nerves.

Mariah is quiet in pasture so far, keeping to herself and only making a few friends. She is not a fan of mud, which is not surprising since she's lived her entire life in a much dryer environment. We have started her on Smart Lamina and Smart Metabo-Lean to see if they help her IR.

X-rays, May 2018