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So You Think You Can Train

Rescue Horse Training Challenge

Are you 14-19 years old? Love horses? Want to learn more about groundwork and help rescue horses? Join us this summer! Following the Forever Foundation’s Groundwork training series, teens will have 60 days to work with our adoptable horses and help them find homes! 

The challenge starts May 30/31 and runs through August 1. You will work with the horses at Gentle Spirit Horses main location in Scotland, SD. Are you up for the challenge?

This year challenge participants will work with all of our adoptable horses on the following basic schedule:

Week One: HQ, FQ, Lead and Back
Week Two: Catching
Week Three: Sending by Obstacles
Week Four: Introducing the Flag
Week Five: Tying Preparations
Week Six: Trailer Loading
Week Seven: Farrier Preparations
Week 8: Veterinary Preparations

Participants will be required to video tape progress with the goal of a completed pre-adoption video of each horse. Participants are encouraged to chose one main horse to work with for the entire challenge but also work with 2-3 additional horses weekly.


* Teens 14-19 are eligible

* No horse experience required

* Must be able to join a group session at least every two weeks

* Time commitment: approx 3 hours per week. You will watch videos and then work with the horse at least weekly

* Attend the showcase event on August 1 to show your progress

* Share Photos & Videos

Adult and Interested?

As part of the Forever Foundation we will be participating in a 60-day Challenge during the same time. Adults can participate in the SYTYCT program this year as well! More information coming soon, but be prepared to join us for all the same information above!

Possible Eligible Horses

* Eligible Horses will depend on adoptable horses at time of challenge

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