Ten Years, Ten Dollars | Gentle Spirit Horses Rescue & Sanctuary

Ten Years, Ten Dollars

14 new donors - 290 to go!

We've set a pretty big goal -  to celebrate our 10th anniversary and honor the 303 horses who have come through Gentle Spirit Horses in those ten years, we need 304 NEW monthly donors at a minimum of $10 per month. Can you help us go into the next ten years with some stability?  It's easy! Just sign up for a monthly donation by choosing a level here:

If you'd prefer to mail a monthly (or quarterly) check, you can mail your payment to Gentle Spirit Horses, 29571 419th Ave, Scotland, SD 57059. Thank you!

And another thing...

When you sign up as a sustaining donor, not only are you providing stability and security to the horses, but we will send you access to an exclusive line of products featuring the "Together we make it whole" design above, including a code for your first t-shirt or sweatshirt at cost ($7 off!)

Our lovely "together we make it whole" design has exactly 304 horses making up the two large horses ... and for each new sustaining donor we will update the image by filling in one of the smaller horses until the entire image is colorful and full. All sustaining donors will then be sent a certificate featuring this image that you can display to show your support.