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Adoption Program

The main program and goal of GSH is to find permanent homes for the equines that come into our care, and to offer them a lifetime protection contract.  Horses come into our program in many ways - from neglect and seizure cases, herd reductions, and many owner donations.  We will also help place horses that remain with their owners until placed, to offer them the protection of our adoption contract.

About Adopting

One of the main goals of GSH is to show that rescue horses are just like any other horse - they've just run into bad luck through no fault of their own.  There are a lot of misconceptions and concerns we hear about adopting.  Some people resent the contract and background checks we do.  Some people think rescue horses are untrainable, or somehow damaged, or unridable, or somehow less than other horses.  Nothing is further from the truth.  

We do have some basic rules for adopting.  We do not allow breeding of any of the horses that have come through our program.  You may not resell, give away, off-site lease, take to auction, or dispose of your horse in any way.  If, for any reason, you are unable to keep your adopted horse it must be returned to GSH at your expense.  We do not have restrictions as far as what you can do with your adopted horse, as long as the horse is properly cared for and has no physical reasons that it can't perform the job you are asking of it.  For example, we would not approve a placement for a horse with ringbone to an adopter who wished to use that horse for jumping.  We encourage showing and competing with your adopted equine.  We do require twice a year photo checkins.  If necessary, we do conduct home visits to check on the horses, but unless an adopter refuses to return our calls or schedule a visit, we do not conduct unscheduled/unannounced visits.

Benefits of Adoption

So, why should you adopt?  There are many benefits of adopting from GSH:

How do I adopt?

Once you've reviewed the horses and see one you'd like to meet, review our adoption policy, submit the adoption application, and setup a meeting to come meet the horses.  During the meeting we will discuss your needs and observe your interactions with the horse, including riding if the horse is trained to do so.  We want to make sure that you are a good fit for the horse, and that the horse is comfortable with you as well. 

Please read over our adoption policy and seriously evaluate if adopting is right for you.  When you adopt from GSH, you agree to provide a home for your new equine for life – you cannot sell, give away, lease out or otherwise dispose of your equine.  You also agree that you won’t breed any mares or jennies that you adopt.  You also agree to to stay in contact with GSH and provide photo checkins. 

Meet our Horses

Note:  if you are interested in a horse that is in a foster home and not in one of the main GSH locations, we do require that you be an approved adopter prior to meeting that horse.