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Twix is from the Sumner Neglect Case that happened in March. The owner, from Sumner, IA, released 22 horses into GSH’s care.  Twix had a body score of 2.e and needed a bath, deworming and lots of love to get better. She was a very tall yearling and had a pretty nasty hock injury. It was decided to send her to a foster near Renner, SD so that Dakota Large Animal Clinic could get x-rays of the injury and assess for treatment options.

Twix today, 3-30-2012, preparing for her x-rays. She's heavily sedated here and still not weight-bearing. X-rays showed a destroyed hock joint, the high motion (top) joint was completely arthritic and rough/cauliflower looking, both the back and front sides. There was also very little joint space between the top and lower hock joints, meaning no room for cartilage or fluid, so every step was bone-on-bone pain. There was no treatment, and she would never be sound or pain free. Daily bute and injections may have limited the pain and made her pasture sound, but as only a yearling, and already in so much pain, we choose to let her go and end her pain. RIP Twix.