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Smokey's Gentle Spirit


BCT Gentleman In Black x Mortana Veronica

(BCT Gentleman In Black x Mortana Veronica). Smokeys Gentle Spirit "Smoke" is a tall and beautiful gelding with a very nice big long easy stride and an easy going personality to go along with it. He started his life in a difficult situation with less than perfect care, then traveled to Alabama for a couple of years and found his way back here to us where he met his current owner Terri Washburn. Smoke and Terri are a wonderful team and shes been bringing him along very nicely in his training. He is a very nicely put together horse with a great disposition and he's going to do well in any discipline Terri chooses to take him. We think we will eventually see Terri's friend Rachel showing Smoke as well. And being the great boy he is we know he will take good care of her.