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Shamall had a long and loving life as the sole horse with a family in Iowa. They had him I believe since he was a baby or a two year old. In his early years he competed in hunter/jumper, then at about 9 years old he "retired" and went to live with his man. 18 years it was Shamall and his man, friends and companions - no riding really, just Shamall living the high life in a pasture with his man taking great care of him and enjoying him as a friend. Then, his man developed Parkinson's. As the disease progressed, Shamall's man made the heartbreaking decision to attempt to find a place for Shamall to be cared for and live out his final days when he could no longer care for him himself.

The first time Kathi met Shamall, we thought it was Kathi evaluating Shamall to see if he would do well at the Sanctuary. Instead, it was very much Shamall and his man determining if KATHI would be acceptable. Shamall was a bit finicky in who he liked. But he liked Kathi, and he made it clear to his owner that she was all right. Shamall did not come home with Kathi that day, but we knew it was a matter of time. We got the call about a year later that it was time for Shamall to come to the Sanctuary, and so he did, at 27 years old.

Shamall remained a one-person horse even at GSH, only really liking Kathi.  Even at his advanced age, he still came along to events and was lightly ridden for a couple of years.  From time to time his original person was able to attend events and see him as well.  Shamall was always happy to see his person, and expressed his displeasure every time he left.  He was a very expressive and emotional horse. 

Eventually, Shamall's original owner was unable to come to events, and Shamall himself slowed down and started to stay home.  At the grand old age of 31, one morning Shamall laid down and couldn't get back up and let us know it was time, so he was helped across the Rainbow Bridge to greener pastures.  Shamall is greatly missed.