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Quarter Horse

UPDATE 11/12/2011: Sammy has gone on to her forever home in greener pastures. She was surrounded by people who loved her, even though it was only a short time. She was down and couldn't get up, and after exhausting all options her new family let her go so she didn't suffer. No more hard winters for this lovely lady. GSH extends our sympathies and a huge thank you to Theresa and her family for giving Sammy such a great home. Those that take in the elderly are a truly special kind of people.

UPDATE 8/2/2011: Sammy has gone to her new home in Yankton, SD! Thank you to Theresa for giving her a home and Sandy J for helping them find each other!

Meet Sammy - she’s a 30 year old half blind mare who is in need of either the Sanctuary or a loving, final home. The family who has her truly loves her, but are unable to care for her as she ages. They took her in three years ago when her previous owner sold his farm and offered them to her (as their daughter had become fond of her) or was going to euthanize her. This girl is an ex-roper, and the family are truly animal lovers who wanted to give her the good retirement that she deserves. Unfortunately, as she ages, she’s become a hard keeper. She thrives on pasture in the spring, summer and fall, the vet says her teeth are good and other than moonblindness on the left she is healthy. BUT in the winter, when brought off pastures and kept in a paddock with a barn, alone, she struggles to maintain her weight. The family feeds her free choice grass hay, and supplements with alfalfa, senior feed, and an oat/grain mix. But by spring she’s dropped most of her weight and just can’t keep it on. Then she goes out to pasture with sheep and cows as companions and gains it back. The family can’t bear to watch this happen another winter - but as non-horse people who will probably never own another horse, they also can’t justify the expense of building her a better environment. They are able to continue to care for her over the summer but we would love to find her somewhere to go and be settled before winter - either our Sanctuary, a foster, or a permanent home.