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Royce (formerly known as Fareed) is from the Sumner Neglect Case that happened in March. The owner, from Sumner, IA, released 22 horses into GSH’s care. Fareed had a body score of 2 and needed a bath, deworming and lots of love to get better. Fareed was gelded, bathed, and was adopted by volunteer who helped out directly with the Sumner Neglect Case. He has been very much loved and turned out to be broke to ride! Due to the drought and other financial considerations, Royce is now available for adoption again. 

Since returning to GSH, Royce has been evaluated on ground manners.  He's a mellow boy, leads & ties, and has good ground manners.  He's been saddled and backed, however he has not been asked to move at all, so we are unclear how well broke to ride he is.  His adoption fee is set to reflect that.  As he stays with us, and we are able to evaluate his riding abilities and refresh his training, his fee will go up to reflect that.

Royce went to his new home in January, 2013!  Congrats to both Royce and Natalie!