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14.3 hh

Pirate is one of the driving forces behind Gentle Spirit Horses and has helped define the directions we want to take.  His "human" story starts in November of 2003, when he was dumped at an auction house in Minnesota - a scared, feral, thin, mangy, half blind, full of scars, approximately 5-7 years old and still a stallion.  Between no owner showing up for him and his condition, he was sold directly to slaughter.  A rescue organization was there today with some donations to save ONE - and they chose him, because he "needed it the most".  He spent the next two years at this rescue, slowly learning to trust people.  At that point, the rescue closed down and he was sent to Helping Hands Equine Rehabilitation and Rescue in Roshult, SD.  While at Helping Hands he was sent out three times for trials, only to be returned because of his fear and distrust issues.  In July of 2006 he was adopted by Tiffany.

Pirate has come a long way - he's a confident, happy horse.  We have since found out he is blind and deaf on the right from severe trauma, has peripheral vestibular disorder in his right ear causing severe balance issues, has a cataract and detached retina in his left eye leaving him about 20-30% vision, and we've fought squamous cell carcinoma on his left eyelids.  He is currently "retired" - solely being used for trail rides and exhibition/outreach shows, and the occasional fun local show.

Pirate is a permanent resident of GSH due to his extreme disabilities and trust issues.

Sept 2, 2012

Pirate has passed away in his pasture. It seems like it may have been a heart attack or a stroke. He did not suffer. He will always be missed