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Omars Wendy


This 27 year old mare is in URGENT need of an angel.  She's VERY thin and has injured her leg - it's superficial but bled a lot and we worry at that age about infection.  She needs her teeth done, needs senior feed - just needs someone to let her rest for her final years and reward her for her fabulous babies and all of her service.  We are attempting to get her pulled early and brought to the sanctuary but this will require a sponsor as we will need to send one of the healther residents to South Dakota to be boarded to make room for her.  Would love a local home so she doesn't have to travel far.  She's been verbally identified as Omar's Wendy, an own daughter of Omar Sheriff, and a large amount of these horses are her progeny.  She's the grand dam of the herd.  Adopter is responsible for health papers, Coggins, and shipping.  We may be able to help arrange shipping for a discounted price, especially if someone takes in more than one.

Omar's Wendy was donated by the breeder and has gone to a fabulous farm in Missouri where she will be evaluated and either laid to rest or allowed to retire, depending on her health.  She's about a 1-1.5 on the body condition score on loading.  Please spare her your thoughts.