Lucy | Gentle Spirit Horses Rescue & Sanctuary
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15.0 hh

Lucy came to GSH to avoid being sent to Novartis to be used in a research study, and eventually taken to auction. She has grown into a solid horse that works with our Outreach and Therapeutic Riding programs in Iowa.

Lucy was purchased at the Corsica Horse Sales by our barn manager at that time. When he brought her to the barn, Nina fell in love at first sight. She wasn’t available for purchase at that time. Approximately a year later she showed up back in the pens at the barn we were boarding at, slated to go to Novartis to be used in a research program and then taken back to auction and run through the loose sales. Due to her extreme resemblance to Jazz and to keep her from that fate, we purchased her. She stayed with Nina for training for a while, until she showed signs of suspensory issues. She was then sent to the Sanctuary to grow up and work through her issues. She has since become a very safe, solid trail horse - but requires front boots - and Kathi is also showing her w/t western pleasure as part of our outreach program. She has her own girl, Olivia, who visits her regularly and gives her lots of attention and joins Kathi on trail rides.

Lucy is a permanent resident of GSH due to her participation in our Outreach/Education & Therapy programs.