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Leeza (Sheza Music Star) $650

15 hh

Leeza has returned from a long-time adoption (since 2012!) due to some personality conflicts with other horses in her pasture. She's very well trained and gentle, and at one point was recommended to be ridden only by children and small adults due to an underlying back issue. We've seen no signs of any back pain, however would recommend a reasonable weight restriction due to that previous recommendation and her build. She has been well loved and ridden by children and has shown no problems acclimating to two of our herds since returning.

Leeza is registered with the APHA as “Sheza Music Star” and her number is 00826698. She’s a very sweet mare and is easy to handle on the ground. She is the first to come say hello, loves attention, and has been handled and ridden by many children in her previous adoptive home (since 2012)