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Knight $650

Miniature Horse

Knight is a very handsome miniature horse who is cautious and learning to trust. He likes to learn and is looking for someone to help him find a purpose. He is not a kid's pony at this time.

Knight came to GSH from a home where he had lived for approximately seven months. Due to his cautious and scared nature, and the person's health concerns, they were unable to make progress and in fact, he was uncatchable for the majority of that time. Realizing he needed more attention and training than she could give him, he was able to be encouraged into a small area and onto a trailer to come to GSH.

Knight has rapidly shown us that he is eager and willing to learn, but has a very cautious nature. He wants to learn but needs someone who will be patient and consistent with him. He lives in our mini pen which is 95'x140', and probably shouldn't be in a much larger area until you've had time to earn his trust for catching. Right now, it doesn't take long at all for us to catch him, but he's wearing a halter and we do have to walk him down for a couple minutes. He continues to improve with consistent handling.

Once caught, Knight has decent ground manners. He leads, backs and ties. He is quiet in a stall and respectful of your space. He stands for grooming but is not comfortable with much touch past his shoulders. His intake information says he was sedated for previous trims, about yearly, and therefore does need work on giving his feet and farrier care. With a light sedation we were only able to get one hoof done at his first trim, and he blew up and attempted to kick on the second. We continue to work with him on giving his feet and trusting us, but will need someone patient, consistent and able to provide boundaries while building confidence with giving his feet.

Knight is absolutely not a child's pony at this time, and we will not place him as such. He needs an experienced home who will not allow him to continue his independent life and help him learn to trust humans and be a good citizen. We think he would be a very flashy driving pony, but until he learns to relax and like being touched, we can't recommend him as a pet for children. We trust him around children, as our Bug Club kids and young volunteers are able to safely be around him, but we do not allow them to work with him. He is safe in a paddock; we don't worry about him kicking or spooking around the kids; but he just isn't comfortable enough with touch to be handled by kids.

We think Knight has a very bright future and a lot of potential, and absolutely deserves a home who will appreciate him and help him overcome his fear and anxiety. Could you give him that?