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Hope $800

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Hope has recently returned to GSH from an adopter due to life changes. Hope is a beautiful Appaloosa mare who loves people and attention. Hope has had quite a bit of training under saddle and likes to go on trail rides. However, Hope does take a steady hand and would be best for a confident rider or at least with a family who could do tune up rides with her as needed.


Hope was originally rescued in March of 2012, as a very emaciated 2 year old, as part of the Sumner 22 neglect /starvation case out of Sumner, Iowa. She has spent the last five years in a loving home, well cared for and handled. She had training as a 3 year old, and then had 30 days professional training in the summer of 2016. Due to changing life circumstances, Hope has returned to GSH in April of 2017. She spent a little over a month in training at TruHaven Ranch in Minnesota and has now been ridden several time over the summer with us. She's a friendly horse, enjoys people, pretty easy to work with. She can be lazy under saddle, though, and while she has so far been safe for all riders, she needs someone confident enough to make her move. 

UPDATE fall 2017- Hope has been a go to riding horse this summer for our volunteers. Children as young as 8 have ridden her. Though still lazy, she is very safe under saddle and still looking for her home.