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Faith $750

14 hh

Faith is a beautiful, sweet POA, easy to catch and with good ground manners so far. She's easy going and has been ridden extensively. Faith does have heaves and will need a home that would be willing to continue her heaves supplement. She's a lovely mare that needs a home.

WINTER 2020 - Faith has returned from a second adoption due to changing circumstances in her adoptive family. In the past 2 years she has had extensive training and riding and is a solid, easy going girl. Due to the weather, our riding evaluation has been limited to bareback riding in the snow at a walk, but she was very easy going and responsive.

FALL 2017- Faith is out of rehab 100% sound! We will be starting to work with her this fall on a riding refresher but this girl is READY for her home! She's been ridden several times at the walk and trot in the round pen and out and about the farm and is relaxed, quiet, easy and responsive. This is an amazing mare who needs her own family!

May 2017 - Faith has returned to GSH from her adopters as she struggles with confidence riding on the open range with a young rider. She came off the trailer very lame, and we took her immediately to the vet fearing founder. Instead, they found a broken coffin bone in her hoof that was 1-4 weeks old. She is now on a 3-6 month rehab period with shoes to hold her hoof together like a cast, with a 50/50 chance of a return to full riding soundness.

Faith (previously know as Nutmeg) was part of the Sumner 22 neglect /starvation case out of Sumner, Iowa. She was originally awarded a body condition score of 2, and we were originally told she is green broke to drive. She was started under saddle in the fall of 2012, and has been in three placements in the two years she's been with GSH through no fault of her own.  Her original adopter had to return her to GSH due to a serious illness in her family, then her second adopter moved and had to downsize, at which time she returned to her original adopter.  Unfortunately, she is unable to keep her so she has returned to GSH in May of 2014 and is available for adoption.