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Doc, who was originally "Sparky", is from the Sumner Neglect Case that happened in March. The owner, from Sumner, IA, released 22 horses into GSH's care.  Doc had a body score of 1.5 and needed a bath, deworming and lots of love to get better. 

Doc has turned into a BEAUTIFUL red leopard appaloosa. It was amazing after a couple bathes and a good body clipping what was under his matted coat. He is a big sweat heart but still on the thin side. Some of that is left over from the neglect that he had to suffer and he has only recently stopped hoarding his food. He will need extra grain and hay this winter in order to keep gaining the weight he still needs. He has been with Kelsey, his original adopter/care giver in Lime Springs, IA and she has taken great care of him. However, she would love for him to go to a home that can take him to the next step of his life.

Doc should be ready to start this spring. He does well on a halter and loves attention. Would you be a good permanent home for him?

November 2012: Doc is at the Renner, SD pasture and doing well!  He spent some time at the Colton, SD location where she worked on his weight as he remained pretty thin.  She did a great job getting him plumped up for winter.  He will likely remain pony size, as he's a petite little boy.  He's sweet and friendly, comes up to meet you when you come out.  Leads, ties, trailer loads, picks his feet up well.  We will be starting ground work as weather permits yet this winter.  If Doc remains with us next spring, he'll be eligible for the GSH Trainer's Challenge and/or started under saddle.  This is a great horse - he would make a great 4H project for your kids.