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14.2 hh
Quarter Horse

We lost Dani to colic on 12/7/2016, after four days of hospitalization and attempts to figure out what was wrong and fix it. Necropsy showed the walls of her small intestine were thickened and the vascular system/blood vessels going to her small intestines were 10x the size of a regular horse, showing that her digestive tract had required additional blood flow for a while, indicating some type of digestive disorder.

Dancer aka "Dani" is another of the five Ryon's Pen unhandled two years olds that came in to GSH in early December. Dani is adorable with her frostbitten ears and is getting friendlier everyday. Dani has proven to be a fast learner once the halter was on and lead around the pen on her first halter breaking session. Dani is now leadable and is learning all about groundwork, and has been saddled.