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Bree $500

14 hh
Quarter Horse

Bree is a strong-willed, intelligent, independent mare who will grow to be an amazing partner for someone. She learns quickly but can be cautious about catching.

Bree is a pretty calm girl, but also intelligent and strong-willed. She's going to be a more dominant mare and is currently quickly learning that even the most alpha of mares must defer to a human. She can be a little tough to catch but is working on it, and is not very reactionary so training requires finesse, but she picks things up fast. Once caught, she leads well, ties well, picks up her feet, trailer loads, and is working on basic ground work like yielding HQ and FQ, sending around and through objects, and the basics of lunge work.

Bree is a bit of a harder keeper so does best if given supplementary grain along with free choice hay or pasture. She had her teeth floated this year and a recurring lump on her jaw bone x-rayed, but nothing was found.