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Help Needed: Fencing

Our pasture fence is down and dead! We are looking for a fencer to help us get our fence back up in a hurry. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please check out this post and email for more information. Donated and discounted appreciated, but will entertain all estimates. Continue reading for specs.

Job Specs:
Straight lines, no hills, easy access
Tear out existing posts and barbed wire
Need to build 8-10 H-braces
Hang 4-6 gates
Build 3-4 stretches of fence: 500 feet + 240 feet of t-posts and 4-5 strands electric rope or coated wire; 335 feet of wood posts and one line of CenFlex fence + 3-4 strands electric rope or coated (like picture. Potential of additional 350 feet of t-posts and electric rope depending on cost.

We will provide all materials and are willing to use the Ramm end loop assembly and tensioners for the ends. One corner area will require some branch trimming and removal to get to, but we are working on that. Might need to use the tractor or your loader to pull them.