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Kiwi needs a Blanket!

Kiwi, our ancient, blind Hackney pony, needs a new winter blanket! Can you help?

Kiwi is one of our blind ponies that doesn't get a lot of extra attention. She's smaller, quiet, doesn't demand or attract attention, is ageless - we know she's old but her teeth aren't easy to read and just say "old" ... quite possibly in her 30s. She does really well in the summer but is struggling a bit as we go into winter. We've been monitoring her weight, bringing her extra grain, and making sure she's doing ok. Even with two round bales in the senior pen she's not eating as much as we like, so we moved her in with Maggie and Raven, also blind, and their donkey Rudy in the first pen by the stone barn. So far she's pretty content and the pen is quiet so it's a good move.

However, Kiwi is one of the few horses who doesn't have a winter blanket this year. She's hard on them, and we have to replace it every few years, and this happens to be one of those years. She's also an awkward size, as a pony, so we can't order through our usual methods. We found a lovely pony blanket on Schneider's that we'd like to order her. It's $74.99 and shipping will add another $10. Total with Tax is $90.50. Unfortunately it's 1 penny below the "free shipping" cost but adding a rain sheet is another $55 and that's not absolutely necessary - the blanket should be enough.

Update: thanks to several generous donors on social media, Kiwi's new blanket is on its way!