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One of the Greats is Gone - Goodbye, Tommy

Tommy, our gorgeous big lug of a QH, 24 years old with Wobbles, loyal and kind, founder of the Bug Club, teacher of many a "bug" - a small child on his big, 16.2 hand back, dorky wobbly boy with quirks, originator of the "naughty name" and "Tommy Temper Tantrums" ... and all around wonderful boy who has graced our lives for the past twelve years, passed away in the blink of an eye this afternoon in pasture. One minute he was fine, the next he was gone. He didn't suffer; he left that for us.

Tommy & Jackie (who is 26) have been inseparable for years. Trying to find a photo of him without her is hard. While I could share so many memories and stories of Tommy, most of them include Jackie. Our volunteers who are at the farm today, bless them, saw when Jackie discovered he was gone. She is visibly depressed but thankfully Dixie, who has been hanging out with them the last week or so, is with her and consoling her. Jackie is very old for her breed, and just as attached to Tommy as he was to her, so this is going to be tough on her.

I just ... can't write more. I've known him since he was a quirky, opinionated 12 year old, I've watched him grow old, I rejoiced when he passed 20 which was all he expected to get with him. 24 years old for a QH is getting up there. For a Quarter Horse with wobbles it's unheard of.

Tommy will leave a big hole in the herd ... and with us. The founders have lost a much loved dog, cat and now Tommy in a period of about three weeks. We're hoping it is done.

Prayers for Jackie, for our volunteers who were there when it happened, the Bug Club kids, and everyone who cared for Tommy.

RIP, our Tommy, Pretty Fancy Two Me. Give Pirate a big old lick up there in Greener Pastures, won't you? We'll take care of Jackie. Tell her not to rush to join you, please.