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What a great 2018 Bug Club FUNdraiser Show!

Beautiful weather, beautiful horses, and smiling people - that was the theme for our 2018 Bug Club FUNdraiser Show this weekend. Check out the post for some fun information about the show!

12 hours, start to finish. 8 GSH Bug Club Horses with tack, 2 trailers, and many, many children. 30+ volunteers.

62 registrations for 45 classes, with a total of 275 individual entries. 10 young children in lead line. 23 in Egg & Spoon!

17 class sponsorships.

2 children cantered for the first time ever. One toddler had a tantrum when her sister got to ride.

Oldest horse: 30. At least 10 horses over 20 happily showing.

Largest distance traveled from the east: 180 miles. From the west: 120 miles.

Money raised: a little under $2400. Costs were high this year, with the purchase of a timing system for games ($300 and worth every penny), insurance ($300), ribbons, concessions, printing of flyers, prizes, port-a-potty, judge cost, new helmets and miscellaneous costs - netting the rescue about $1250 to go towards the Bug Club costs.

Smiles - infinite.

The Bug Club children's program is a huge part of our mission to improve horse welfare in the state of South Dakota. These kids will grow up to be the horse owners of tomorrow, and in our small way, we can help an infinite number of horses well into the future. The Bug Club only costs $36/year for children to participate in the Hands-On days - and the online newsletter is free! http://gentlespirithorses.org/our-programs/bug-club

Show photographs are available here: https://gentlespirithorses.smugmug.com/Bug-Club-Show-2018/