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A Taste of Freedom

The Fourth of July is all about Freedom. The horses define freedom a little differently. Thanks to a lovesick mule (Emmett) who opened two panels on the round pen, and a small area in a fence, Cola & Di took full advantage of some freedom today.


Di, the sorrel shetland pony, could barely walk several months ago due to very long, curled up feet. To her, freedom means good trims, strong feet, and the ability to run like the wind!

Cola was a little stud colt when he came in, kept separate from other horse. Freedom to him was a simple castration surgery so he can now live with other horses, especially his bestie Di.

Freedom means something different to everyone. What does freedom mean to you?

PS... both these ponies could use sponsors to cover their care and the freedom we are able to provide. Interested? http://gentlespirithorses.org/...