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GSH Adoptable Horse #MarchMadness Bracket Pool

It's March! You know what that means? Many things ... but to a lot of people it means #MarchMadness. Basketball, office pools, highs, lows ... how about being part of a #MarchMadness pool that will only have highs AND you can help create the outcome? And win cash? And maybe the best part ... help the Adoptable Horses of GSH get some much needed exposure!

Yep, we're holding our first ever GSH Adoptable Horse March Madness Bracket Pool. The 24 current Adoptable Horses will go head to head from March 11 to April 2. The winner of each match will be determined by you - by liking, commenting, sharing their post, and donating.

Want in? $10 and a filled in bracket and you can be a part of this fun. The more people play, the more fun it can be. And we'll split the pot!

Head over to to download the bracket and learn more. Who is your favorite Adoptable Horse?