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Big help for our Spring Vet Checks

Some good news! We applied for the Unwanted Horse Coalition's Veterinary Relief Campaign to help with spring vaccines, and were awarded 30 doses from Merck Animal Health! At the time we applied we needed 47 doses for the rescue horses so 30 is a HUGE help! We are so very grateful!

We still need to raise $900 for the remaining 15 doses the rescue horses need, which is a heck of an improvement from the $2700 we originally expected to need. With the $3900 still owed on our vet bill, that means we need to raise an additional $4800 above the $762 our donation wall has already raised.

Can you help??…

We're going to keep the goal as is, with any excess being used for the various vet costs that arise with spring vet checks, including teeth floating and eye exams, and other needs.

PS - this application requires cooperation from your vet, who has to sign off on your care. So Dakota Large plays a big part in us getting this award - which is just one of the many reasons we want to make sure we can pay their bill!