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Studly Dudley Needs Your Help!

What to do with a 23/24 year old stallion? We need your help!

Studly Dudley is a pretty cool dude, all in all. But he has a problem ... he's studly. And at 23/24 years old, castration has a lot more risks. But, we do not have a stallion safe area for him to retire without being castrated. So we find ourselves in a conundrum.

We have scheduled him for castration on February 5. But, we thought we'd reach out and see if we can find him a better solution. If anyone has the ability to offer him a retirement home where he can live the rest of his life as a stallion, please message us to start the conversation. We can share more about him, you can let us know your situation, and maybe we can find him the perfect retirement.

So, do you have only geldings? Are you an experienced stallion owner who perhaps has a retired stallion already? Or do you have an environment that could keep him away from mares and content? Have ideas? Let us know.