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Hope's Adoption Makes Dreams Come True

Hope was the fourth horse to head out on her trial adoption today ... and she made her adopter's life long dream of owning a horse come true!

Hope remained with us longer than anyone could have expected, as a lovely, 15 hand mare with over 90 days of professional training and lots and lots of rides. Her only vice was that she was lazy, and to avoid frustrating any beginner riders, we've hesitated to place her in a less experienced home. We did invite anyone to meet her and try her, and it was interesting to watch Hope. She very clearly gave us her opinion of several potential adopters, and had a definite say in who she went home with. For one potential adopter, she was pushy and disrespectful, very out of character. For several, she remained lazy and difficult to get moving. And then, there were the magic few where she was kind, quiet, and moved right out without hesitation.

Hope was like that with her new person, Sue, and her pictures clearly show her happiness and claim. It's like she's saying "this is my person, you can't have her." Her adopter is doing everything right, and Hope clearly likes her. We're not sure who adopted whom, but we have high hopes that it's a wonderful fit for both!