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GSH thrilled to be awarded HSUS Forever Foundation Scholarship

We are proud participants in the HSUS Forever Foundation thanks to a scholarship from the Humane Society of the US. To help equine rescues place more horses, the Forever Foundation provides trainers and volunteers with a video-based learning program and hands-on training to enable them to efficiently work with their horses and get them adopted.


This program helps us to be more consistent and efficient when handling and training the horses, because everyone at the organization gets the same information about how to approach and handle horses. The system also helps us ensure the horses follow the same steps in training and help to make them well rounded horses, ready for adoption.

All volunteers will receive access to the Plan4Progress system. New volunteers will need to complete the first three videos prior to scheduling their Volunteer Orientation. These first videos cover the basics of reading equine body language, safety and basic handling. Access to the system will be sent via email once you have completed the Volunteer Application.

We are very excited to see the impact this program will have not only on our volunteer program but with the horse themselves, as consistency in training and more confident volunteers will only increase the handling and training the horses receive, helping them to find homes faster.

Our next volunteer orientation is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. at our Humboldt, SD location. You will need to submit the volunteer application and watch the initial training videos prior to attending the orientation.

Interested in joining our volunteer team? Or are you a returning volunteer or adopter who is interested in learning more about this program? Join our Volunteer Team now!