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It’s October - Time for Adoption Updates!

It's October which means it's time to hear from our adoptive family! Per your adoption contract, you agreed to send in photos and updates every April and October.

We love seeing how well you are all doing and are always willing to help if there is a need. And remember, your horse always has a safety net with us ... and cannot be rehomed without our written consent and the contract going with the horse. Isn't the goal to keep the horse safe and out of the slaughter pipeline? We are family, and all have to work together to make that happen!

So, adopters, send in those updates! Head over to our Facebook page and comment with a current picture and an update, or private message us if you'd prefer. You can also email at but please try and resize your photos so they don't fill the mailbox up.

Thank you, and I hope everyone is doing really, really well!