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Faith is done with her rehab and ready for a home!

After five months of stall rest due to a broken coffin bone, four of them with a shoe for stability, Faith has earned turnout in one of our paddocks.

Faith was a previously adopted horse who returned to GSH this spring as she wasn't a good fit for what her adopter's needed. She was delivered to GSH extremely lame and in need of a trim. The lameness, however, was obviously from something much worse than a bit of a long hoof, so she was taken to the vet where x-rays showed she had broken a coffin bone anywhere from 1-4 weeks prior to the x-ray. Instead of being re-evaluated and back up for adoption, Faith has spent the last five months on stall rest, with limited turnout and a shoe on the hoof to stabilize the bone so it could heal. She's shown very little lameness and her x-rays at four months showed the break to be healed. We removed the shoe, and after another month of limited turnout she has not shown any lameness, so her vet released her to a 2 acre paddock turnout.

If she continues to do well in the small paddock, she will be allowed full turnout on any pasture in another four weeks. She is available for adoption at this point. She is trained to ride but will need a refresher after taking this year off for her rehab. She loves people but does tend to be aggressive towards most other horses - she's very much an alpha mare. We haven't noticed any problems with bullying now that she's in a larger herd but in a smaller paddock she does better alone or with a horse who is stronger than her.