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Ash is done with rehab!

Yesterday was yearling Ash's SIX MONTH anniversary of his surgery ... and officially the end of his rehab period.

To celebrate he attended an event at Petco where he met many, many people, and got to go from his little pen out to the paddock the other babies including Arden are living in. I took video but he didn't do anything fun, just wandered around.

Ash will have his final recheck and x-rays in a couple weeks and we will be accepting adoption applications for him. As we mentioned last month, we will be honoring where he came from (Teddy Roosevelt National Park and North Dakota Badlands Horse) by holding an online auction with pre-approved adopters to find his final home. He will be adopted out under our standard adoption contract which can be reviewed here:

History: Ash was born free on March 29, 2016, at Theodore Roosevelt National Park, out of Stormy by Cocoa. At approximately 2-3 months old he suffered an injury causing obvious lameness. When the North Dakota Badlands Horse facilitated the regular fall gather, Ash (named Arizona) was a priority because of his leg. GSH Tiffany was planning on personally adopting another foal from the park (Arden Nevada), so we agreed to bring Ash into the rescue for treatment. His x-rays showed an avulsion fracture to his tibia, and he was taken to Oakridge Equine Hospital in Oklahoma for arthroscopic surgery on his stifle. Several bone chips were removed which were attached to the cruciate ligament, and he spent the last six months in rehab and on stall rest/small pen turnout to allow the cruciate ligament to reattach to the bone. He was expected to have a full recovery and from what we can tell he's doing great!