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ASPCA Grant Awarded to Help with ISPMB Seizure Costs

As most of you know, Gentle Spirit Horses has been working hard after taking in 17 unhandled, thin, wormy mustangs from the ISPMB neglect and seizure situation in Lantry, SD this fall, which amounted to a 50% increase in horses in our care at our South Dakota location.

This also has lead to increased expenses which are ongoing as we have x-rays, pregnancy checks, shots to get up to date, an increase in feed to get them up to weight, multiple deworming schedules to help with their parasite infestations, multiple trims and sedation to help get their feet back under control, increase in the need for shavings and volunteers to keep their stalls clean for gentling purposes, transportation costs to get them to appointments and into foster homes as they are gentled ... it goes on and on.

The ASPCA recognizes the high costs of helping in a seizure situation like this for rescues. We are thrilled to announce the receipt of a grant to help cover the increased costs of the former ISPMB horses.

This is our fourth year of receiving support from the ASPCA for our programs in one form or another. The ASPCA is an organization that truly cares about animal welfare and does a very good job supporting rescues and shelters throughout the country. We are truly a proud recipient, and are looking forward to participating in their Help a Horse Day celebration in April!

Huge thank you to the ASPCA and all of you for your support of the mustangs. We wouldn't be able to help them without your support.