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Volunteer Opportunities! Pasture pickers and Feeders needed!

We are quickly getting done with spring maintenance and moving into summer training and handling time!

We are looking for people for the following jobs at the Humboldt, South Dakota location:

1) Pasture pickers - commit to at least 2 times a month (once a week would be great) to come out and pick out the smaller paddocks - the mini's pen, the senior's paddock, and the paddock behind the barn. If done regularly is about a 1-2 hour job, depending on how much petting of horses happens while cleaning. All days currently available.

2) AM chores - to be completed daily before 10 a.m. Feed morning grain to Nelly, Sam, Star & Maggie, grain and morning Bute to Comet, hay to the minis, and any stall horses. If needed, throw hay to Prince &/or Tommy's paddocks. Check waters for stall horses. Do a morning count and eyes-on check of all horses (report and fix any problems if possible). Collect feed buckets and turn Nelly & Comet out (unless told to leave Comet in). Is about a 15-30 minute job. All mornings currently available; looking for people who can commit to at least one day per week.

3) PM Chores - to be completed between 6-9 p.m. Same as morning chores, but includes daily supplements in feed. Also feed Tommy his grain and vitamin, Jackie her buteless, any other supplements and feed as needed. Bring Nelly and Comet in for feed and ensure stalls are open when they are done eating. Clean buckets if needed, hang back up for next day use. Evening count and eyes-on check of all horses. Tidy up and sweep barn. Feed cat. About an hour job. All evenings except Tuesday currently available, looking for people who can commit to at least one day per week.

Please email info@gentlespirithorses.com if you are interested in any of these jobs. Thanks!