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Bless the Broodies

May is Mother's Day month! Broodmares are one of the most needy horses - desired, loved, needed while they could have babies; often not trained, then when they are no longer needed or when breeders stop breeding they have no choices or options. Your support lets us help broodmares either retire or be trained for a new career and learn love for who they are and not just the babies they produce.

This May, the broodmares in our care include Star and Jinny, Saddlebred mares aged 18 & 20, Kiwi, little blind Hackney pony in her mid-teens, and 23 year old Jackie, Paint mare. Kiwi and Jackie are permanent residents, while Star & Jinny are looking for a Pasture Pals lifetime foster home that may explore training with them but will just love them for them if needed.

For Mother's Day, please consider a monthly sponsorship to help with their costs. As little as $10/month makes a huge difference in allowing us to give these mares their second life. Sponsorships in the name of your Mother make a great Mother's Day gift as well.