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Mason - Training Evaluation

Mason's foot is feeling much better, and he's calmed down a ton, so before taking him back out to pasture we did his evaluation today.

Mason is 12-13 years old and is reported to not have been ridden in 6-8 years. When he first came in he was anxious and pushy, and he still has some quirks but he's becoming a very nice horse. Today he took everything in stride like a great horse. Walk/trot/canter on the lunge line; stood for saddle pad great, a little nervous at first about the saddle but calmed down quickly. He was very active with the bridle and rode like he was looking for a curb bit. But he was calm and listened, responded to leg cues and was very good for not having been ridden in 6-8 years!

Mason is available for adoption in South Dakota. All he really needs is confident handling and time under saddle and he's going to be a great horse.