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2016 Starting with a Bang!

Four horses - Hannah, EZ, Angel, and Rubi - left for their adoptive homes today. Three horses - Moxie, King and Paison (now named Mason) came into our Adoption Program yesterday. Three more horses come in next week - Sabre, a Saddlebred gelding enters our Adoption Program; Sampson, a Paint gelding enters our Rehab to Adoption Program; and Comet, a 22 year old pinto pony with heaves and Cushings enters comes in as a Permanent Resident as part of our Bug Club Children's Program.

We also have an announcement regarding two of the horses currently on in our Adoption Program.

Nelly, a 22-26 year old Arabian mare (the gray), has been granted Sanctuary due to her ongoing choke issues, high maintenance feeding program, and her advanced age and will live her remaining years under our care.

Chikala, 7 year old mini gelding, has also been removed from the Adoption Program and will be a lead pony for the Bug Club Children's Program as well. He will be trained to ride and drive.

Both Nelly and Chikala, along with the other horses in our care, could use sponsors for 2016. You can find details of our sponsorship program here: http://www.gentlespirithorses.com/support/sponsor . Sponsorships allow us to offer Sanctuary as needed, as they provide a base of support that we can count on and know their needs will be met. They start as low as $10/month!