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The next big step

GSH has taken the next big step in our organization.  As of today we've completed and submitted the 501(c)3 application and paperwork.  Now we wait for our determination letter!

When we originally incorporated, it was always our plan to become a 501(c)3.  We've saved up the funds for it a few times, only to have to use the money for hay or other expenses.  We've lived as if we are a 501(c)3 since incorporation - our books are all separate, we allow people to control what their funds are used for, we're transparent in what we do.  But actually completing the paperwork has taken time.  We've also struggled from time to time with making the commitment that comes with moving forward and growing more.  At the end of 2013 it became apparent that we could no longer wait on this decision.

We've been contacted more and more about larger donations and people and corporations wanting to support what we do, but needing the 501(c)3 in place to do so.  Various corporations have asked about volunteer time and matched contributions, but again, need the 501(c)3.  Additionally, with more and more focus on rescues and more and more rescues being run improperly, it's become more and more important to have this paperwork in place.  So, for 2014 we prioritized it, and now it's done!

If we receive our determination, we have lots of plans!  The Sanctuary has already been promised a grant to help purchase a skid loader or tractor, and to help finalize fencing of the 3 acre turnout meadow.  In South Dakota, we're already expanding this spring by adding an additional 6 acre pasture where the adoptables will live, and we're starting the process of moving the Sanctuary horses to South Dakota (our main location) by moving the two seniors - Sam and Queenie, into the 2 acre pasture that our adoptables currently use.  In time, we hope to purchase a larger property and be able to move the blind horses out as well, and transition the current Sanctuary solely into our therapeutic riding horses and program.  Expand and grow, and help more - that's our motto!  One day we hope to have the facilities in place that when we get called in cases like the Iowa 41 or the Sumner 22 we can quickly open up pens and bring them all in so as not to depend on fosters or need to find homes in a hurry.  We hope to have our own riding area and round pen to help with training. 

So many plans ... one step at a time.  But today was a big step towards those plans.  We'll keep you updated!