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A Home for the Holidays

Announcing our "Home for the Holidays" Adoption Event.  The 7 horses listed here - Star, Jackie, Jinny, Sammy, Dex, Butters, and Shelly - are a special group. All have good ground manners, but for various reasons are currently either unbroke or have physical reasons that limit their adoptability. So, for the rest of the year, these seven are available for adoption for a $100 adoption fee.

These horses are great horses - good personalities, friendly, halter broke, and even a couple of them have been backed.  Sammy is extremely calm, sweet, and well broke but older so should only be lightly ridden.  Jinny has been backed and is likely broke but suffered an injury to her hind and any riding should be determined by her ability.  Shelly has been backed by children and been used to give pony rides, but we'd not call her broke.  She has a respiratory condition that could limit her ridability as well.  Otherwise Star, Jackie, Dex, and Butters are all sound healthy girls who've been broodmares and have not been ridden in years, if ever.   There's no reason none of them couldn't be trained, just as older broodmares it may be a bit more difficult and slow to train them.

If you are interested in giving a home to one of these great horses, just let us know.