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New Homes for New Year’s

With the exception of Aries, one of the buckskin Morgan stallions, all 41 of the Morgans we placed in the last six weeks will be in their new homes for the New Year.  Please take a look at our Available Horses page as they would all like new homes for the new year as well!

We did have one very low point in the Morgan effort - the beautiful filly in the picture, Cora, was lost to us due to severe dehydration, hypothermia and extreme worm infestation.  Many people, from Kathi at GSH and the Clear Lake, IA, vet; Tom & Crystal Keenan of Rockin K' Ranch - Equine Transport - her transporter and layover due to weather; and Tammy, her adoptive home and their vet worked non-stop to try and pull her through.  She never even had the chance to be dewormed - she was kept comfortable, fed, watered, loved, and under constant supervision and vet care from the moment we found her lethargic to the day she gave up the fight - five days later.  Nothing was spared for her care, and she knew love and human kindness in her last few days, and died with her head cradled in Tammy's arms, surrounded by the prayers and thoughts of hundreds of people around the country pulling for her.

I am so impressed and awed by all the people who stepped up with the Morgans and especially with the care the new owners have been giving.  Fecals are being pulled, vets are consulted, gentle vet supervised deworming plans are being followed, and every little step towards trust and friendship is shared and enjoyed!  If you haven't yet liked us on Facebook, please do so, as many of the new owners post regular pictures and updates about training.  It's wonderful to see all the horses filling out and adapting to their new homes - and spring will bring new babies for us all to fall in love with!  

The "last horse standing" from the Morgan effort is Aries, a 4-5 year old buckskin stallion who has now entered the GSH program for education and evaluation.  He's currently being boarded at his initial foster home until he can be picked up and brought back to South Dakota for training.  As a lead stallion, he's been the slowest to adjust, and has shown aggression.  Because of this, GSH feels it is in his best interest to be worked with and not adopted directly out at this point, as we don't want anyone - or Aries - getting hurt.   We have started a Chip In page for his initial costs - one month boarding at a reduced rate of $250/month; gelding/shots for $200, $30 for him to be trimmed while sedated for gelding, and $20 to cover his initial deworming program.  You'll note that the actual "goal" is only $400 - that's because we've received two $50/month sponsorships for his ongoing care.  Once he is able to come back to South Dakota, his monthly board cost will only be $125/month and GSH will be providing all training, grain, deworming, and incidental costs as we work to get him able to be adoptable.  Please consider a monthly sponsorship for Aries, or to help any of the other Sanctuary horses.  Thank you!

We will be working on getting all the Permanent Resident's on the page so you can start to learn about the Sanctuary horses.  Additionally, donations of items for an online silent auction are currently being accepted - please contact us if you'd like more information.

Thank you all, and have a Happy New Year ... perhaps with a new equine member of your family!