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Morgan Update - Beating the storm

Jumping Jack was first - his new owner Annie came and picked him up herself and took him back to his new home, where the vet came out to beat the weather and gelded him last night!  He's in an indoor arena, recovering and out of the weather, with food, water, and someone who will love him like no other!

Then it started ... our shippers were on their way, coming from Missouri in an attempt to beat the storm.  The first one rolled onto the lot about 8:00 p.m. where they loaded in the dark - six beautiful Morgans heading for TN and GA.  Tyler and Tyson, the 3 yr old stud colts, are heading to Danny in TN; then Wendy's June and Junebug, her daughter, will be going to Kathy in GA and finally "Hope", black mare GSH0068, and Smokey the weanling will be heading to AL to live with Laura.  As they finished loading, Marshall's other driver, Frank pulled in to load up his seven going to MI/CT.

Through all this, poor little Cora, weanling filly, wasn't feeling very well.  Kathi called out the vet who determined she was dehydrated and slightly colicky, they banamined her and watched her and Kathi prepared to take her and Whisky, the last two weanlings, back to the Sanctuary for observation and to get them out of the storm. Then we heard that Moon and Cora's ride, Tom, was on his way up from Missouri to beat the storm!  Between the vet, Tom and Kathi it was decided best thing for the little girl was to get her transported, so as they started loading up Frank's truck they decided to hunker down and wait for Tom too!

Frank's truck consists of Wendy's Dawn and her foal, Claire, and Autumn heading to Helen in CT; Becca and her foal Cody, heading to Jill in MI, and then Greyboy going to Pam in NH and Maeve (GSH0052) going to Kathy in NH.  They are traveling together in two large (10x8) box stalls - Greyboy, Maeve and Autumn in the front, the two mares and nursing foals in the back.  A fun visual - little Autumn is one of the smaller weanlings, and Greyboy and Maeve are HUGE morgans - probably 15.3-16+ hh ... so little Autumn was all tucked in a corner while Greyboy stood in the middle making sure that Maeve was going to behave.  Good horses all around. 

After they got loaded and headed out, Kathi and Mark had about an hour to wait for Tom to arrive.  They loaded up Cora and Whiskey onto the trailer, changed Mom's flat tire (she ran over a nail), and waited.  Moon was already in a catch pen so there wasn't much to do but wait and try to stay dry and warm.  At midnight I finally got the "Done" text indicating they were all loaded and on their way, and Mark and Kathi were headed home for some much needed rest.

Today they are all traveling - keep them all including the fabulous drivers - in  your thoughts for a safe journey.  And watch our Facebook page for updates - I can't wait to see the posts and pictures of everyone in their new homes!