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Posting the Morgans - at least 26 need help!

I have started posting the herd of Morgans that need to be rehomed ASAP

Due to financial difficulties, the breeder WILL take these horses to auction if we can't home them.  We have a very short window of time to rehome a minimum of 26 Morgans - with another pasture of mares and babies yet to catalog.  It's probably closer to 40 horses that need homes, and several of the mares are bred.

On first count we are looking at needing homes for at least 26 Morgans - and there's another pasture of mares and foals yet to catalog.  This includes 7 stallions, 9 mares (7 of whom are pregnant and currently running with 2 stallions - one was a 2 yr old colt and the breeder indicates all the pregnancies are from the older stallion.  I don't know if this means he only recently turned out the 2 yr old with them or what.  I'll get more info on that).  1 adorable filly who is a runt, and 9 geldings and mares between the ages of 2-5 that as far as we know have not been exposed.

Some of them are registered, some are not but could be if we can get his records in order.  He gave up on registering when he started selling to the Amish.  

We are looking at placement fees of about $400 to $500 for registered horses, $300-350 for purebreds no papers, $200 for foals and $500 for reg stallions.  We may be able to negotiate some if someone takes in multiple horses.  

We will be going out on Sunday to catalog them, get individual pictures and video of each horse, and to get as much information about each one that we can.

I hope you can help pass on the word about these horses