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Morgans - 45 Total - Let’s get them homed!

CRAZY day. Woke up to wet snow, wind, and all in all a yucky day. Got to the Morgans - lots of pictures and overall video coming.

They were hyped and we weren't really able to catch many of them to tag and id. But got pictures of all of them, overall info, and we're taking the pictures to the breeder to get as much info as we could. There are 12 weanlings, 7 stallions, 9 in the mixed 2-7 year old gelding/mare pen, approx 18-20 broodmares, at least 10-12 of whom are bred. Breeder was offered $250/each from a slaughter broker and has, at this point turned him down, as he REALLY doesn't want them to go to slaughter. But that's who we are competing with.

Right now - the best way to view them all is to go to our facebook album.  We have printed the pictures to take to the breeder and get as much identifying information as we can, and have some notes/etc from what we could do in the situation we were in with snow, mud, wind, and horses that didn't want to be caught. smile

Priorities: 23 yr old broodmare who is VERY thin, has a superficial injury on her leg that bled quite a bit - seemed ok but not able to clean and put meds on it; Little Sis - 12 yr old mare with a pronounced limp ... "throws great babies" but I'd love to see her go somewhere to just be a horse; buckskin mare in the mixed pen who let me catch her but wasn't really leadable desperately needs a farrier ...

Oh, the cute little palomino filly *really* looks like a curly. Crimped tale, curly coat - she's absolutely adorable.

While we've been told the broodmares have been ridden - they were NOT willing to be caught today. The mixed pen - able to catch a few but most have probably never had a halter on. He didn't let us in the stallion pen because "they are all kind of mavericks" and the mares with babies were also skittish about being caught. All FRIENDLY, just didn't want to be caught. No kicking, biting, pinning ears, etc. Just not really wanting halters.

Our local vet has offered to do Coggins and health certificates for $35 per horse.  Obviously you do not have to use our vet, but this is a good price.   We need a minimum of 6 horses to be done for that price - so will try and schedule accordingly.

Our shipper is very booked right now, on the road until December 15th, so we're  not sure if we will be able to use him.  If we get enough going to one location they may try and put together a shipment for us.  As of right now, I'd plan on doing your own shipping.   We will continue working on shipping options on our end as well.