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Brandy’s Story: A Mama’s Goodbye

Written by Nina Ring about the experiences of sending the first group of the Morgan Rescue Effort off to their new homes. Specifically about the mare named Brandy and her 2 year old daughter Gretchen. As told by Tiffany Ring, the lady angel.  Photo copyright Barbara O'Brien.  Brandy is the one in the middle, Gretchen is the bay to the left.

They came today, baby. The angels came.

They told me that they were going to take to you to a better place. A place where the wind isn’t so harsh and where your belly will always be full.  Some place where you will always be surrounded by angels and love and attention.

As your Mama, that is all I can ask for. One of the lady angels told me that I was a good Mama and that I have been doing a fabulous job of taking care of you and your brother, even when I can barely take care of myself. Too bad that the angels can’t understand our language…so I just nodded to tell her that it was hard but worth it. She told me that you will have a warm dry place to sleep and all the hay that you can possibly eat. I can’t give you that…but the angels can.

So when it was time for you to go into that catch pen. I lead you in. You didn’t want to go but you know to listen to your Mama. While the angels were working on getting you into that trailer to take you to your new home, I stood with you. When you panicked about leaving, I just reached out and told you that it was ok. The angels had come and they were good.

You looked back at me one last time before stepping onto that trailer and asked one more time if it was going to be ok. I just reached out to you baby, one last time and told you to listen to your Mama and be good for the angels. Trust them and they will take care of you.

I may never see you again, but that is the life that we have to live as horses. But as I am shivering in the cold prairie wind and snow, I live in hope that my angel will come soon…because the lady angel told me they would and I trust in the angels.

Thanks to ALL the Angels that have been helping us out during this hard time!


Update Dec 2013: Brandy remains with the breeder, and seems to be doing ok. Gretchen is now known as Lily and is with a fabulous family in Minnesota.