GSH Adoptable Horse March Madness Pool

Popularity: widely admired or accepted or sought after; esteemed; regarded with great favor


Join us from March 11 to April 2 as the Adoptable Horses of Gentle Spirit Horses compete for the top prize - most popular adoptable horse! For $10, you can fill out a bracket for your chance to win half of the pot - and unlike the basketball tournament, YOU can influence the winners.

Current Pot Total: $60.00 (50/50 split with GSH/winner)

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Round 1

Terra 72 vs. Orion 53 (raised $100!)
Angelica 17 vs Erin 16
Peggy 25 vs. Emmett 28 (raised $25!)
Connie 25 vs. Joey 22
Eliza 192 vs. Dudley 180 (raised $315!!)
Raven 55 vs. Leilani 52
Patty Sue 40 vs DeeDee 38
Vanessa 67 vs Monty 31

Round 2

Terra 40 vs. Ally 29
Eliana 28 vs. Angelica 26

Starting March 11, each match will be posted on our Facebook page followed by individual posts linking to each Adoptable horse. Each horse will win points based on the number of likes/reactions, comments, shares, and total amount of donations raised on the Facebook platform. You can help influence your choices! Be sure and like, comment, share and encourage your friends to do the same for the horses you've picked.

Points will be awarded to each horse as follows:

Like/Reaction = 1 point
Comment = 2 points
Share = 3 points
Donation = 1 point per $5 donated

Scoring the Bracket

After each round we will multiply the total number of correctly picked matches by the points assigned to that round. The rounds will receive points as follows:

First Round = 1 point
Second Round = 2 Points
Third Round = 3 Points
Fourth Round  =4 Points
Fifth Round (Championship) = 6 Points

Declaring a Winner

When all the matches are complete, the person with the highest point total wins! Winner receives half of the pot of bracket entries.

Sign Up and Fill Out Your Bracket

Entries will be accepted from March 1 to March 10. To enter, download and fill in the Fillable Bracket below. Once complete, send via email to If you've printed the bracket and filled it in by hand, scan or take a photo of your bracket and submit that.

Download Fillable Bracket

You may complete as many brackets as you'd like. Each bracket requires a $10 donation to be eligible to win, however you are welcome to play along for fun. All submitted brackets will be posted in an album on our Facebook page to ensure fairness.

Donate Per Bracket

If you'd prefer to mail your bracket and donation in, print and send to Gentle Spirit Horses Rescue & Sanctuary, 4810 W Cayman St, Sioux Falls, SD 57107. Entries must be postmarked no later than 3/10 to be considered valid.

Scoring each Match